Upcoming Events

  • Saint Peter’s Cemetery Opens New Section

    During the month of November, when Holy Mother Church remembers the dead, we must also remember that monastic call to "memento mori"... remember your death.

  • Our FORMED subscription will expire soon! Become a FORMED Sponsor Family!

    Our Parish subscription will expire in a few short months and we are looking for families to help us renew it! We are grateful to the family who graciously gifted our parish with the initial subscription! After another year of enjoying great Catholic content for all ages, it is up to us to continue the subscription. If 100 families in our parish donated $19/year we would make this possible! $19 for a whole year of great Catholic movies, books, and studies! So much cheaper than Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime! Please contact abone@stjameswv.org to become a Formed Family Sponsor.

  • New Parish Directory in 2020!

    It’s time for a new parish directory!  If you have not registered with the parish yet, please do so soon. ...

  • We feed the hungry…will you come and help us?

    Volunteers for the Mountaineer Food Bank are needed every month!  Volunteers arrive at 9:30 am to help set up and...

Diocesan News

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