You are invited to take a tour into the heart of Saint James!  Every day at 8 pm a new video is released in this series that takes a closer look at the small pieces of glass that make the mosaic of Saint James.  In these complex times, where the news feed can feel overwhelming or confusing, take a few minutes and take a look around at the people of your parish.  This is your family.  This is your home.

Roch-umentary… a video series on thriving spiritually in a time of crisis

Brought to you by the people of Saint James Catholic Church in Charles Town, WV

And inspired by the life and ministry of Saint Roch.

Part 1: Coming Home

Part 2: Mission Territory

Part 3: Children of God

Part 4: Loving the Church

Part 5: Full of Grace

Part 6: The Work of Our Hands

Part 7: An Abundant Grace

Part 8: Taking Back Sunday

Part 9: Waiting for the Lord