Alter Servers

This sacred ministry, open to boys and girls who have made their First Communion, goes back hundreds of years and is one of the most time-honored traditions of our faith.

Altar Servers assist the Priest Celebrant and the Deacon at Mass.

To participate in this ministry, the youth should have a love of God and a willingness to assist the parish community in worship. The need for supportive parents is also important to ensure punctuality.

Contact Deacon James Munuhe at  or call (304) 725-5558 if you’re interested or have any questions.

Eucharistic Ministers of Holy Communion

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion assist the Priest and Deacon by ministering the Precious Body and Blood at Mass.

Initial training and ongoing formation sessions are required in order to participate in this ministry. After the training, we ask that you commit to one Mass approximately every three weeks.

Any parishioner who has completed formation in the faith and has a desire to serve fellow parishioners can join this ministry.

You can also make a homebound parishioner’s week by taking them Holy Communion.  Encourage their spirit by relaying the Gospel and highlights from Sunday Mass.

Members of the Eucharistic Ministers of Holy Communion to the Sick and Homebound visit the homebound or those in nursing homes, encourage them through prayer, and offer Communion.

Contact John Sherwood at,, or call (304) 725-5558.


Be a Reader and fulfill the liturgical ministry of proclaiming Scripture, the inspired word of God. Readers proclaim the Word at weekday and Sunday Mass and other liturgies throughout the year.

To participate in this ministry, we will provide you training is provided, then you will commit to one Mass approximately every month. Personal time is required in study and reflection on the Word in order to properly prepare for the Mass.

Contact Gary Penkala at or call (304) 725-5558.


The Assistant Sacristans assist the Priest and Deacon in preparing for the Mass. The Assistants will maintain and prepare the vessels, vestments, and liturgical items for Mass. They will also ensure adequate coverage for other ministries (ushers, readers, etc.) and assist the Priest in preparing for the Mass.

Initial training will be provided, then you will be assigned to a particular Mass.

If you are interested in participating as an Assistant contact John Sherwood at or call  (304) 728-0180.

Catechesis of the Good Shepherd

“We believe:
That God and the child have a unique relationship with one another, particularly before the age of six;
That the growth of this relationship should be assisted by the adult, but is directed by the Spirit of God within the child;
That children need their own place to foster the growth of that relationship;
That the child’s spiritual growth is best served through tangible but indirect means”

Class sessions take place in a prepared environment known as the atrium.  Materials in the atrium are closely linked to biblical and liturgical sources. On the shelf a child may find materials that deal with geography that establish Jesus as a real person in a real place.  There are also miniature environments that represent historical events and parables from Scripture.  There is a model of the altar and all its furnishings, as well as a model of the Baptismal font.  Working with these items helps to initiate the child into the liturgical life of the church.  “The atrium is a place of work which becomes a conversation with God . . . it is a place for religious life, for community and worship.”   Adults in the classroom do not try to fill up the child with knowledge.  “They listen with the child and together ask, “God, who are you?  How do you love us?”

For more information please contact Tiffiany Perkowski via email at

Ushers & Greeters

Welcome parishioners and guests at Mass, assist in offertory, and provide  additional assistance as needed by being an usher or a greeter.

Ushers and greeters provide a warm welcome and help your fellow parishioners find  a seat, help families carry gifts for offertory procession, pass baskets at collection time, ensure orderly flow at communion time, and provide assistance in emergencies.

Participants will have initial training, then do one Mass approximately every month.

Contact John Sherwood at or call (304) 728-0180.

Sacramental Preparation

Baptism Preparation  Ministry

Baptism Preparation is an opportunity to prepare all parents desiring to have their children baptized in the Roman Catholic Church.  Join our ministry and help parents understand the awesome grace and responsibilities that come with the Sacrament.

Classes are held the last Sunday of every month.  Participants should have the ability to talk about your faith with a wide variety of practicing and non-practicing Catholics.

Contact Chris Pifer at or call (304) 725-5558.

First Reconciliation and First Communion Ministry

This is a subset of Religious Education focusing on the preparation for First Communion of our youth in 2nd grade. Participants will plan and deliver classes as well as mentor students in their preparation for First Communion and First Reconciliation.

This ministry meets as activities dictate, Sunday 9:30-10:45 a.m. or Wednesday 5:30-6:45 pm.

Contact Allie Enos at  or call (304) 725-5558.

Confirmation Preparation Ministry

This is a subset of Religious Education focusing on the preparation of Confirmation to our youth in 9th grade. Participants meet for regular activities designed to have fun, form friendships, build strong peer support system, and continue to grow in and express the Catholic Faith. Plan and deliver classes as well as mentor students in their preparation for Confirmation.

Members of this ministry meet as activities dictate, Wednesday night Mass followed by weekly class (7:00 to 9:00 pm).  You must have VIRTUS training.

Contact Allie Enos at  or call (304) 725-5558.

Marriage Preparation Ministry

The marriage preparation ministry is made up of dedicated couples living out the Sacrament of Marriage according to the teachings of the Catholic Church.  A married couple is assigned to meet in their home with an engaged couple to discuss marriage.

As a member of this ministry, you will work with engaged and newly married couples to actively and faithfully live out the vocation of marriage in our world.  You should have a  willingness to discuss difficult issues like contraception, pornography, infidelity, prayer life, and children.

Contact Deacon Dave Galvin at or call (304) 725-5558.