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Meet Bakhita Kids!

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Bakhita Kids is a nonprofit organization based in Northern Virginia founded with the goal to serve poor and vulnerable children in Virginia and West Virginia. Bakhita Kids has been an integral part of our St Roch efforts during this year and we are grateful for their generosity and willingness to serve the children of West Virginia. It is their focus on creating awareness of the reality of human trafficking that led to the creation of this public service announcement. Please view it and share it with others. If you are interested in learning about Bakhita Kids and their mission, please consider visiting their website.

Merry Christmas from the Saint James Parish Staff & Family

Christmas Masses - All Saints Roman Catholic Parish

On this holiest of seasons, there is a renewed sense of hope that fills our hearts! Our Lord Savior is born! Please watch our newest Roch-umentary filmed at Saint James and Saint Peter on Christmas Eve. Let the words ring in your heart as an invitation to Not Be Afraid!

Breathing a little easier at Saint James

Air Purification HVAC Systems | Meckos Heating Lafayette


Through the generosity of Barry and Kathryn Wagner, Richard Beaulieu, Brian Diaz, and Shane’s Heating and Air Conditioning, we have greatly upgraded our HVAC system in the church. We have added ultra-violet light to our air handling systems. Not only are we filtering our contaminants, but we are also now killing the bacteria, viruses, and mold. In laymen’s terms, we have created an outside environment on the inside of our church. This is an incredible blessing for all of our people. While our St. Roch outreach has focused on helping those on the outside during this difficult time, our staff and volunteers have worked tirelessly on improving our indoor air quality, our sound system, and our A/V system. We are trying to provide the cleanest situation at the church while staying connected to those who have the necessity to stay home. The clergy of St. James are honored and humbled by your generosity and commitment to the faith which has allowed all of us to stay connected this year. Merry Christmas and may all of us breathe easier each day. Standard HEPA Air FiltersStandard HEPA air filters remove between 99.97% and 99.99% of particles as small as 0.30 microns from the air stream. They are commonly used in hospitals, operating rooms, patient isolation rooms, pharmaceutical processing facilities, and similar locations that must meet strict air cleanliness standards. The air filters are manufactured, tested, certified, and labeled in accordance with current HEPA filter standards. Do you want to learn more about indoor air cleaning filters using UV light? Please visit

2020-21 RCIA Information

RCIA Classes will begin at St. James on Sunday, August 16!

RCIA — Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults — is the process through which the Church welcomes new adult members. It is a journey that involves the conversion of the heart and formation into discipleship. Are you a non-Catholic who has been worshipping at St. James or other Catholic churches often? Have you considered joining the Catholic Church? Do you want to know more? Are you a baptized Catholic who never received the Sacraments of Confirmation or Eucharist? Have you been thinking of completing these sacraments of initiation? Do you want to know more? Is now the time for you to become a Catholic or to more fully join with the Catholic Church? If you want to explore how the Spirit may be guiding you in this direction, our RCIA sessions will begin Sunday, August 16 from 9:15 am to 10:30 am in the St. James Library. The St. James RCIA registration form is available at


RCIA Sponsors are Needed!

Are you willing to share your faith?  Are you welcoming and hospitable? Are you willing to be challenged?  God is calling you!  We need active practicing Catholics who are willing to share their faith with those seeking a closer relationship with God through the Catholic faith.  A sponsor is a mentor, who through example assists the candidate in learning more about the Roman Catholic faith.  If you are interested or have questions, please contact the Parish Office or contact via email to


2020-21 Faith Formation for Youth (CCD)

Are you looking to grow in your faith and spiritual life?

Do you need a way to get involved in our parish? Then consider becoming a religious education volunteer catechist or aide! Catechists and aides are people who love their Catholic faith, can work with children, and are willing to dedicate a few hours each week to their faith formation.

We are currently in need of the following volunteer positions for the 2020-2021 Religious Education calendar:

Sunday (9:30am-10:45 am)

PK/K Catechist aide

FCP1 Catechist

FCP1 Catechist Aide

FCP2 Catechist

FCP2 Catechist Aide

3rd Grade Catechist

3rd Grade Catechist aide

4th Grade Catechist

4th Grade Catechist Aide

5th Grade Catechist

5th Grade Catechist aide

Hall Monitors


Wednesday (5:30-6:30 pm)

PK/K Catechist aide

PK/K Catechist aide

3rd Grade Catechist

3rd Grade Catechist aide

Hall Monitors

All volunteers MUST have completed all 3 steps of  VIRTUS and MUST attend the Faith Formation Catechetical Evening on August 22, 2020, from 5-9 pm.

Creating a Safe Environment for Children | The Roman Catholic Parish of St. James the Greater

The Three Components of Safe Environment Anyone who volunteers directly with minors or who volunteers where minors are present at St. James MUST complete all of these three components: 1. Background Check: Simply complete and sign the form below and return it to the parish office. 2. Polic …

Please prayerfully consider helping with our Youth Catechesis programs next year.  Things will be a little different as all of our programs except PK/K will be available online so it will be extremely important for catechists to keep in touch with all students whether in-person or online.

Classes will begin September 13 (Sunday)/16 (Wednesday). Registration information will go out on July 1 for the coming year. Registration will also be available online starting July 1. Registration will be first come first serve with limited seats and the option to attend in-person (until seats are full) and online. Scholarships are available.

Please send an email to Allie Enos at if your interested in volunteering for one of these positions.

Thanks, and God bless.


Drink more Milk! June Free Milk Giveaway

It looks like we will have milk to give away every Friday night in June.  After visiting our St. Isidore Market Place, pull up for your gallon of milk.  In addition, please reach out to any family that needs milk.  This is a great opportunity.  There is no charge or gimmick.  Just pull around and we will give you milk.  Milk is a great source of protein and greatly helps support our dairy farmers.  We are also hauling milk throughout the state.  By Sunday night, we will have delivered milk to Martinsburg, Winchester, Purcellville, Stephens City,  Wheeling, New Martinsville, Fairmont, Berkley Springs, St. Mary’s, Brookville,  Webster Springs, and Petersburg.  If you are interested in helping with “Drink More Milk,”  please let us know.  We will need deliverers on June 16 and 17 when we get another full semi.

A special thank you to Ana Bone, Ida May Lara, Bob and Cynthia Trainor, John Guiney, Mike Azar, Gus Bone, Nick Canada, and his father, Chandler Penn, Hannah Galvin, John Lease, Susan Kersey, Msgr. Kevin Quirk, Father Mike Lecias, Howard Crosco from Ryder Truck, John Guiney, Mark Peifer, and Pastor Diamond for making this project work this weekend.  Over 4,200 gallons of milk given to us free to give away free.  It just took a little fuel, a little work, a big truck and the love of Christ to make the system go.

Thank you for being a member or friend of St. James that continues to remind the world of a Father’s Love.

God Bless, Deacon Dave

We celebrate Philip Szabo’s Ordination to the Diaconate

Click on Philip’s photo to view the PDF of the Liturgy Sheet for the Ordination on Saturday, May 30 at 11 am.

Dear Parishioners of Saint James the Greater Catholic Church,

I miss you all very much and I hope that you are doing well.

Thanks to God’s grace and your prayers, I will be ordained as a transitional deacon on Saturday, May 30th in your very own home parish! God is good! After five years of seminary formation, I can hardly wait to begin my service to God’s Church as a deacon.

I am sorry that I cannot invite everyone to join us in person for the ordination. As you can imagine, the COVID-19 restrictions have significantly limited the number of guests that are allowed to attend. However, the ordination ceremony will be broadcasted live on the diocesan website and on their Facebook page for those who would like to view the ordination in the safety of their homes.

Lastly, I promise to come visit St. James some weekend as soon as I am able. If I am really good, maybe Fr. Leonard will even let me preach!

Thank you again for all of the prayers and support that you have given me over the past 5 years. Your work has paid off! Now, I look forward to serving the Catholic Church in West Virginia for the rest of my life!

May God bless you all!

Phillip Szabo

Phillip’s ordination will be broadcasted live on Saturday, May 30th at 11:00 AM on either of the following websites:

Saint James Catholic Church YouTube Channel:

Diocesan Website

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Queridos feligreses de la Iglesia de Santiago Apóstol el Mayor,

Les extraño mucho y espero que estén todos bien.

¡Gracias a Dios y a sus oraciones, seré ordenado como diacono transicional el sábado, el 30 de mayo, en su iglesia! ¡Qué bueno es el Señor! Después de cinco años en el seminario, tengo muchas ganas de empezar mi servicio como diacono en la Iglesia Católica.

Lamento mucho no poder invitar a todos ustedes a asistir a la ordinación en persona. Como pueden imaginar, las restricciones por el virus COVID-19 han limitado bastante el numero de personas que podemos permitir dentro de la iglesia. Sin embargo, la ceremonia de la ordenación será transmitida en vivo en la pagina web de la diócesis y en Facebook para quien quiera verla en su propia casa.

Finalmente, les prometo que vendré a Saint James para visitarles algún fin de semana tan pronto como pueda. Quizás, si estoy muy bien comportado, ¡el padre Leonard aún me permitirá predicar la homilía!

Gracias a todos ustedes de nuevo por todas las oraciones y el apoyo que me han dado tras los últimos cinco años. ¡Tu trabajo valió la pena! ¡Ahora, tengo muchas ganas de servir a la iglesia católica en West Virginia para el resto de mi vida!

¡Que Dios les bendiga!

Phillip Szabo

La ordenación de Phillip será transmitida en vivo el sábado, el 30 de mayo, a las 11:00 en cualquiera de estos sitios web:

Canal YouTube de Saint James Catholic Church:

Sitio de web de la diócesis


75 Super-Useful Facebook Statistics for 2018 | WordStream


Reopening of our Parish Home

Click here to link to our YouTube channel video “A Guide to Returning to Mass at Saint James”

On Friday, May 6, the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston released to the public, the Diocesan Directives which guide the protocols for parishes to reopen for public worship during the time of the COVID-19 crisis.  The clergy and staff of the Saint James the Greater are looking forward to resuming the public celebration of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and the opening of our doors for daily prayer.  We will continue to offer the Sunday Mass every Sunday via live-stream on our YouTube channel.  Beginning Monday, May 18, we will begin to live-stream daily Mass at the regularly scheduled time.

On Friday, May 15, a mailing was sent to our registered families with further information about the reopening protocol.  Please keep in mind that the reopening only includes the resumption of public Masses and daily public prayer in the Nave.  The work in the Adoration Chapel has not been completed, therefore Perpetual Adoration will resume at a later date.  We expect the Adoration Chapel to reopen in the near future.  Information about the reopening and blessing of the new Adoration Chapel will be provided as soon as it is available.

It is important to note that no other aspect of parish life is to resume at this time.  All space reservations remain suspended until further notice and no meetings can take place in any of our meeting spaces.  Ministry leaders will be notified when ministry activities may resume within our parish spaces. Please call the Parish Office should you have any questions about any part of the reopening protocols.  We are happy to answer your questions.

We are grateful for your response to the efforts of the Saint Roch Outreach and its volunteers.  It has been a blessing to those who have received the assistance of the Saint Roch volunteers.  It may have been a greater blessing to those who have volunteered and those who have contributed in so many ways, as we strive to live and practice the works of mercy by helping our brothers and sisters in need.  Your love of the Eucharist has guided your actions and has shown every corner of our county and surrounding areas the heart of Saint James.

During this time of reopening, Saint Zita continues to serve you by offering the merchant card program as curbside or pick up service.  Please call the Parish Office between 9 am and 12 pm and we will transfer you to a Saint Zita volunteer to place your order for merchant cards.  If able to pick up between 9 am and 12 pm, the Saint Zita volunteer will bring your cards to you.  If picking up between 1 pm and 5 pm, your cards will be waiting for you in the Parish Office.  Just knock on the door and we will bring them to you.

Please know that each of you has been missed.  The halls have been dark and quiet for far too long.  The sounds of laughter and tears that fill our hearts are not there.  Yet, we remain in the hope that fills us, knowing that the day will come when we will hear them once more and we will together worship our Lord and live the life of community that is the heart of every Christian.

We look forward to seeing you soon…

Click here to read  Father Leonard’s Letter

Click here for Saint James Reopening information

Click here to read the Diocesan Directives, May 6, 2020






Maintenance Team’s Landscaping Wish List

Our Maintenance staff has committed to planting those flowers around our campus. We are working on a list of those flowers most desirable for planting purposes on the Saint James campus.  Please click on the image below for a PDF version of the Wish List.

Thank you for making this weekend a special one for all of our mothers and Our Lady!