Electronic Giving

St. James parish encourages electronic giving. Our parish relies on regular giving by its parishioners to carry out its mission. If you forget a check or to stop by an ATM for cash or if you are away, you may be unable to donate to the Sunday parish offering. Making your regular donation electronically to St. James eliminates these problems. It is very easy to set up automatic electronic giving. There are currently two options for electronic giving available to parishioners at St. James.

One option is e-Giving (sometimes called “Electronic Funds Transfer” or EFT). Electronic Giving can be done two ways.

Using the first method the parishioner creates an ID and Profile on our e-Giving site. Once this is done you can set up recurring donations or make one-time donations. This process allows you to modify the amount and frequency, as well as the credit card or bank account information yourself. In addition to your recurring contributions, you will also be able to make one-time donations for special collections. At this time, Memorial Contributions cannot be made electronically.

To begin or to update your electronic giving, click on this link: Electronic Giving Website

If you want to give electronically but do not want to create your own on-line account, you can use the second EFT method. By completing and returning the EFT Form to the St. James Office we will set up your regularly scheduled electronic donations from your bank account or credit card. Any changes to the amount, bank account or credit card information must be requested by completing another EFT form. If you decide to create your own on-line account at a later time, that is an option. Click here to access the form: EFT FORM.

The other option is to set up an automatic payment from your bank.

This method is often called Bill Pay. Your bank will send a check to St. James and this service is provided free by MOST banks. It is very helpful to include a remark in the memo field that provides your church envelope number and states whether the contribution is for the General Offertory (1st collection), the Building Fund (2nd collection), or split between both.

You can call the parish office if you need to get your envelope number. The correct mailing address for St. James is 49 Crosswinds Drive Charles Town, WV 25414. By using this method to contribute you are in charge of when the check is sent and you can make any changes to your contribution (change dates/amounts /delay or stop payments) directly with your bank without contacting the parish office.

Since some banks do this method differently from others it is best to contact your bank for more information.

Please contact the Offertory Coordinator Karla Gainey at 304-725-5558 ext. 240 if you have any questions.